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A Personal Message From Ian

KOCHBERG GRAPHICS INC: In 1978 Arlene and I incorporated our company. I was the president and, as Arlene had a real job at the time supporting her starving artist husband, ours was a company of one … me. 

Within a year our company doubled in size, overnight, when Arlene quit her job to join me full-time. I remained president. Arlene became the boss. I did all the artwork. The boss didn’t have much to do – aside from scheduling shows, dealing with galleries, working with customers, banking, bookkeeping, framing and, perhaps most importantly, keeping the "art department" running smoothly.

To this day, I still do all the artwork. The boss still does everything else. And although we do our very best, our company of two appreciates your patience and understanding when, at times, the artwork that you had ordered was not ready “yesterday”.   ian


OUR WEBSITE PHOTOS: With our obvious exacting standards, how is it that we have such mediocre quality photographs of the art on our website?

Over the years, we’ve  had no less than six, highly-respected, full-time professional photographers (from those using traditional film and darkroom processing, to the latest high-tech digital equipment) shoot my artwork. 

My art has spent countless hours in various photography studios, whilst professionals desperately manipulated lighting, exposure times and digital software. Perhaps it was because of the hand-ground pigments, perhaps because of the embossing. Regardless, all of their efforts fell far short of expectations. We came to the realization that photographs of my art will simply not do justice to the work. 

I may not be the world’s worst photographer, but I’m definitely in the bottom five. That being said, quite sadly, I’ve become our official photographer. And now you know the rest of the story.    ian