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FAQA (Frequently Asked Questions of Arlene)


  • Is there some kind of written explanation that comes with the artwork? Yes. You will find it on a certificate on the back of your frame. Arlene
    • Somewhere I read about "mat size"? So, when a piece states that the mat size is 7" X 7", exactly how big is the piece? The "industry standard" is that the frame size refers to the mat and/or glass size. The actual moulding (the "frame") does add to the overall size. For example, the 7" X 7" to which you referred, is actually 8 1/8" X 8 1/8". If size is going to be an issue for you, please feel free to contact me, in advance. Arlene
    • Are there any additional, hidden costs - shipping, tax, duty etc. - that I should know about? Within Canada and the USA, the only additional cost is shipping and packaging, something which we've tried to mark very clearly (because nobody likes unwelcome "surprises"). This should amount to approximately 10-12%. There should be no extra charges for taxes or duties.  Arlene
    • When will I receive my artwork? I always try to get orders out as promptly as possible! With the "Classic Kochberg" line, this usually means within a few days; after that, it will be up to the Post Office. Depending upon what you've ordered, "Custom Kochberg" orders will take a bit longer. If you need your piece in a hurry, please talk to me; I will do everything possible to accommodate you. Arlene
        •  I've seen a lot of music in your Classic Kochberg line - both modern and old style notation. Is this possible in my Custom piece? Absolutely. Music is a specialty of Ian's. He is able to hand-draw modern notation, or transpose your music into "neumes", that interesting, 4-line-staff music of the middle ages. Contact me for more information. Oh, and know that Ian is a stickler for protecting artists' rights; please make sure the music you want to use isn't copyright protected! Arlene
        • When I look closely at Ian's work, I notice there is not one single straight line. And that includes in his calligraphy and musical scores. Is there a reason for this? Actually, yes. A lifetime ago, Ian studied architecture in university. For him, it involved far too much technical study and structural engineering, and far less actual design and creativity. The "creative" portion involved expression using "set-square and T-square". The two things he took from architecture are: 1) His choice of drawing tool ... a .3mm, 2H technical pencil, and 2) he quietly promised himself that he'd never use another straight edge in his work and, to this day, he hasn't. I think this gives his work its unique, organic quality!  Arlene
        • Can I order my artwork unframed? Yes, but it's not advisable. We do all of our own (excellent quality, by the way) framing, and offer it at our cost of materials. As Ian is fond of saying, "If you have a brother-in-law in the wholesale framing business, he'll probably charge you more." If you're still interested in unframed, I would urge you to, first, run over to a custom framing store (try Michaels, when they have one of their 50% off sales) and check out pricing; please know that all of our framing is "conservation quality" ... archival quality matting and backing. Then, if you're still undeterred, you can deduct 20% from the framed pricing. Arlene
        • I would like to have a custom piece created for me much larger than the 10"X10" size available in your "Custom Kochberg" line. Is this possible? Yes, absolutely. Larger works will be produced on canvas. Pricing will depend on the finished size, and the content. Contact me when you're ready. Arlene
        • In your "Custom Kochberg" line, can I have Ian create a specific animal design for me? Yes. To give you an idea of pricing, something along the lines of the sigils offered (the unicorn, lion, boar etc), you would be looking at approximately $1,500 USD... that probably works out to about a penny for every line Ian will draw. Arlene